Industrial Hose Reel Swivels

An integral part of many industrial hose reel applications is an OPW Swivel Joint. OPW produces a variety of Swivel Joints designed specifically for Hose Reels. In addition, we have the ability to customize a hose reel swivel to fit your specific application.

Some of the applications for these swivel joints are: 

• Hose reels

• Aviation ground support equipment

• Highway construction machinery

• Tank trucks

• Fire fighting equipment

• Plastics machinery

• Machine tools

• Drum fillers

•Filtration equipment

• Hydraulics

We offer the following models : 

  • 20VO - Aluminum Swivel Joint
  • 30VO - Aluminum Swivel Joint
  • 3627VO -Aluminum Swivel Joint
  • 3637VO - Aluminum Swivel Joint
  • 30 - Aluminum, Carbon Steel, 316 Stain Less Steal Swivel Joint

Swivel Styles