FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


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Phoenix SQL FAQs

  • Is there anything I should consider BEFORE performing the actual install of Phoenix™ SQL?

  • Is there an install wizard to guide me through the installation process?

  • What Phoenix™ SQL Server Options are available?

  • What are the Installation Type options?

  • Can I install the Phoenix™ SQL Service Engine on a different machine?

  • How do I activate Phoenix™ SQL?

  • Can I migrate my existing Phoenix™ for Windows® (P4W) database?

  • Can I access Phoenix™ SQL remotely?

  • What are the differences between Phoenix™ for Windows® and Phoenix™ SQL?

  • During installation, my SQL Server machine is not listed in the Select SQL Server dropdown.

  • Can I install Phoenix™ SQL on more than one machine?

  • Can I use the same database in my testing and production environments?

  • How does OPW provide patches/updates for Phoenix SQL?

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