Shale Oil Top Loading

shale oil loading armsWe have been providing Loading Arm solutions for over 100 years and we strive to uphold the leadership position that we have established. We don’t take this lightly. We understand that every application is an opportunity to improve the efficiency and safety of your operation. Our goal on every project is ZERO HARM.

The explosive growth that we’ve seen in the Shale Oil markets have been exciting and we look forward to the opportunity to play a role in continuing to develop our energy infrastructure. From loading Rail Car Unit Trains to safely handling critical fluids, OPW has you covered.

To support this effort, we have developed a website with a focus on all of the products that the OPW Fluid Transfer Group has to offer.

Loading Arm Solutions

Some examples of loading arm solutions applied in this application*:

Top Loading

Bottom Loading


  • API Bottom Loading Couplers-The Shale Oil market typically employs this connection for fast, efficient loading of both railcars and tank trucks.

  • 1004D3 API Bottom Loading Coupler
  • Electronic Rack Equipment- Overfill protection and Ground Verification packages are common accessories that are supplied on many projects. These options help ensure a safe, efficient fluid transfer.
  • coupler adaptors
  • Quick & Dry Disconnect Couplings- As the leader in quick & dry disconnect couplings, OPW can provide all of your couplings needs from our simple Kamlok ‘cam & groove’ coupling to our entire family of dry disconnect products to our Hiltap line of high pressure/temperature fittings.
  • high pressure/temperature fittings


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