OPW Introduces ElectroTite Dry Sump at 2018 PEI-NACS

By OPW | Oct 08, 2018

Retail Fueling Innovation features No Drill Dry Sump Technology

Las Vegas, NV, October 8, 2018  OPW, a Dover company (NYSE: DOV) and a global leader in fluid-handling solutions, introduced the ElectroTite Tank Sump this week at the 2018 PEI Convention at the NACS Show in Las Vegas, NV. 

Developed in the collaborative engineering labs of FlexWorks and Fibrelite, OPW’s latest tank sump innovation features no drill dry sump technology. The ElectroTite ships factory-installed with conduit ports and an electrical wiring junction box, which eliminates the need to install conduit entry fittings in the field.  These have become notorious leak points in all tank sump applications. product-electrotite

“The energy at PEI-NACS is incredible, which made this year’s show the perfect opportunity to officially launch the ElectroTite Tank Sump. This is the latest addition to OPW’s Watertight Wonders line of products that keep water out of your fueling system,” said Ed Kammerer, Director of Marketing and Global Product Strategy. “Initial reactions to our no drill dry sump technology have been extremely positive so far here in Las Vegas at PEI-NACS.”

Extremely versatile, the ElectroTite is available in a wide variety of models to accommodate virtually any tank sump application. A few of the many innovative features and benefits include:

  • Sealed conduit threads on outside of sump – enter above water table.
  • UL-Listed, explosion-proof junction box allows space to reroute communication wires and loop additional sensors without entering sump.Junction box is also used for wiring seal off.
  • The “Kwik Wire” junction box is partitioned and allows for high voltage and sensor wires in same box.
  • Reduces the number of entry and leak points into sump.

“Preventing water intrusion has been our biggest focus with the ElectroTite Dry Sump and our Watertight Wonders,” added Kammerer. “Our complete line of durable, watertight solutions has been engineered to put an end to water intrusion for good.”

To learn more about the ElectroTite and OPW’s full line of Watertight Wonders, please visit opwglobal.com/watertight-wonders.

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